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Diabetic Care For Patients
Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Medical Consult:

Acute Care

  • UTI -- Bladder infection

  • Cough

  • Conjunctivitis

  • Rash / eczema

  • Muscle / tendon injury

  • Infections (ear, eye, skin...)

  • Gout or herpes flare

  • COVID testing

  • Sick / sick note

Chronic Care

Medication management and refills.

  • Blood pressure/ AFib

  • Cholesterol

  • CKD

  • Thyroid

  • Diabetes

  • Hepatitis treatment

  • COPD/ Asthma

  • Dementia

  • GERD

  • Sleep

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety / Depression

**Controlled meds only in Oregon currently**


  • Testing with review

  • Depression and anxiety Medications specific for your genetics

Muscle and Joint Injections

  • Trigger Point Injections for muscle spasms with dry needling.

  • Knee or shoulder injections with steroid, Hyaluronic acid with or without PCP- platelet rich plasma.

Allergy Testing

  • Allergy testing with skin prick

Hair Loss

  • Injections of PRP - protein rich plasma for thinning hair.

Womens Health

  • UTI vs BV vs Yeast

  • Overactive bladder

  • Vaginal atrophy

  • Birth control and STI testing

   **I don't offer hormone levels currently, sorry.

Mens Health

  • BPH- Prostate Hypertrophy

  • Low Testosterone - **Oregon**

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • STI testing


  • Cancer screen: Colonoscopy, mammogram, prostate, lung

  • DEXA scan order

  • Sleep study for sleep apnea

  • Dementia screen


  • Tricks to help with Smoking cessation. 

  • Medication includes Nicorette gum, patch, lozenge, chantix, or wellbutrin. 

  • Also lung cancer and COPD screening if appropriate. 


  • Review eating habits and 2 week journal of total calories consumed in a day.

  • Review current medications, some meds make you gain weight, others help you loose, see "blog."

  • Medication if appropriate. **We must see a reduction of 5% weight in 3 months or medication will be discontinued.

Annual blood work

  • Glucose / A1C

  • Kidney/ liver function

  • Cholesterol

  • Blood count

Others: Thyroid, Prostate, STI, Hepatitis panel, anemia, etc.


  • Help with getting Sober.

  • Appropriate medication 

  • Encouragement to attend a rehab program and AA meetings.

Treatment for Opioid/ Heroin addiction

  • Suboxone prescription provided you have appropriate urine drug screens, 

  • Participate in regular NA meetings and preferably a rehab program as this is proven to be the most successful as staying clean, as you have a sponsor, but then as you get stable, you can become a sponsor for someone else.

  • We will need to meet in person yearly.  **Only offered for Oregon currently.**  

Functional Medicine Naturopathic

All problems discussed will have a natural way to help if possible. 

Read more / consult from herbalist


Referral to appropriate specialist, cardiology, rheumatoid. For PTSD and MAT referral to Psych and/or counseling.


If appropriate the following could be ordered: Chest x-ray, lung function test, Ultrasound , sleep study.

WHO is appropriate for this office?


Addiction or Pain Management

  • Suboxone (buprenorphine + Naltrexone) daily medication or monthly injection (pending insurance).

  • This clinic will not provide a narcotic or benzo prescription as this is unsafe, the only exception is short term to get you off benzo safely. 

  • Everyone starts in the same pain/ addiction program: Urine and visits start weekly, progressing at a minimum of 3 visits up to monthly or every other month.  

Primary Care

  • BP, COPD, Cholesterol, Thyroid, Diabetes, anxiety/ depression. 

  • Yearly annual physical and annual labs including Comprehensive panel, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Blood counts, Thyroid, Iron, Vitamin D & Vitamin B.

  • We are a very tiny clinic, mostly telehealth so as a general rule while providers can manage complex diseases, we will limit primary care to patients with less than 6 medications.  Each individual will be considered by provider. 

**No Kids, No workers comp, sorry.

Services We Offer

90% Telehealth with 1-2 office visits a year!
You must be able to get on Video and use email.

-Suboxone for Pain medication or Heroin cravings
-Naltrexone for Alcohol or long term opioid addiction treatment.

Chronic Care
-COPD/ Asthma
-Blood Pressure
-PTSD/ Depression/ Anxiety

Prevention/ Screening
-Yearly Physical
-Yearly blood work
-Annual Medicare Wellness Visits
-POLST/ Advance Directives
-Cancer Screenings
-Cognitive Testing

-Pet letter
-Freeze wart/ skin lesions
-Vit B12 and Vit D (Amazon)
-COVID testing for Mc-W
-Hepatitis C Treatment

-Sample Closet
Do Not Offer
-Workers Comp
-Vaccines- available at pharmacy
-Sorry, no kids.

Benefits Of Working With Barb, NP - Digital Clinicians, Telehealth

  • Get Direct Access To Your Provider, Barbara Hoefener, FNP

    • Best Method to talk with your provider is to make an appointment

    • If quick response is needed- Text your provider directly.​ 

  • Get Seen This Week!   

    • Self schedule your appointment 9am-7pm. Telehealth or in office.

    • We will address all concerns, no rushing.

  • Telehealth In The 21st Century.

    • Forms (including registration form) are all online and HIPPA compliant.  
    • After visit summary, follow up appointments, and results emailed to you.
    • Lab, imaging, referrals and prescriptions sent same day. *Appointment required.

  • Provider-Patient Relationship - High Quality Care

    • We make medical decisions together as you are the expert of your own body and the final decision maker in your own healthcare.

    • Continue with your same provider.  Tell your story once! Continue getting to know each other and get personalized attention. This is beneficial as your provider may recognize something is wrong that you or a stranger would not catch right away.

  • Experienced Provider

    • See comprehensive list of all conditions you can be helped with.

    • Chronic Disease management (heart, lungs, diabetes, thyroid, dementia, sleep, PTSD)

    • Urgent symptom management and guidance (COVID, UTI, infections, rash, flares)

    • Women's Health (Pap, hot flashes).  Men's health (testosterone injections, erectile dysfunction)

    • Annual blood work, preventative Visits, and sports physicals.

    • Obesity, tobacco, alcohol (Vivitrol), and substance use disorder (Suboxone).

    • Allergy testing and maintenance shots

    • Pain medication management (you MUST be less than 45 MME).

    • Medication renewals and new prescriptions as needed.

  • Low Cost Medical Guidance

    • Wholesale price for blood work through Quest without insurance.

    • $150 for cash visit without insurance.  You can use HSA.

    • Or Sign Up for Concierge Medicine, $999/year, unlimited visits.

    • Lowest cost options for medication given. Learn about

Who Is This For?

  • Patients who want medical access this week.

  • Patients with insurance, without insurance, or with a high deductible plan

  • People with a busy schedule or regular travelers who want 1 provider regardless of location.

  • Time and Cost conscious people, as you can have a medical visit from home.

  • Patients aged 10y-110 years old. (Younger then 10y? Please consult your pediatrician).

  • You must live in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, or Florida. You also must have an email.

Insurance Accepted: 

You are ultimately responsible to make sure you are covered to see me the day of your visit. 

  • United Health Care and AARP

  • Regence- Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Aetna and US Healthcare / Aetna Senior Supplement

  • Atrio Health plans

  • Champ VA / Champus Tricare for life

  • Cigna Colorado   (OR & WA - Pending)

  • First Choice Health Network

  • Medicare of Oregon, Medicare Advantage

  • Meritain Health

  • Mutual of Omaha

  • Pacific Source commercial & Medicare.

  • Providence - Oregon and Washington

  • Samaritan Commercial 

  • Oregon Medicaid:  Trillium, Pacific Source,  Samaritan Choice & INH Medicaid

  • Health net/ MODA- (connexus, Synergy, Affinity, OHSU PPO, CN)

  • Tricare west 

Wholesale prices for bloodwork- you will pay the practice via separate invoice prior to going to Quest for labs.  

  • Yearly Labs: $45

    • A1C  (Diabetes) - $7​       

    • TSH & T4 - $13

    • CMP (Kidney, liver, electrolytes, sugar) - $6

    • CBC (blood count/ infection) - $7

    • Cholesterol - $12

  • Add On- Labs​ for specific cases.

    • PSA (prostate 50yr+) - $38         

    • Testosterone - $20 

    • FSH & LH - $20

    • Ferritin (iron) - $7

    • Magnesium - $6

    • Uric Acid - $4

    • Urine to culture - $9

    • Vit B12 - $7

    • Hepatitis panel - $60

    • Urine Drug Screen - $70

Man Trying App

  • Physicals

    • Annual Physical w PAP if need.

    • School Physical

    • Work Physical (no workers comp)

  • Primary Care

    • Blood pressure or A-Fib

    • COPD or Asthma

    • Thyroid 

    • Diabetes

    • Skin lesions

    • Migraines

    • Medication Refills

  • Preventative Care

    • Cancer screenings

    • Yearly Physical and bloodwork

    • Annual Medicare Wellness

    • POLST form

    • Cognitive Function Screening

  • Pet, school or work Letter

  • Addiction

    • Obesity - Appetite control, proper nutrition and daily exercise.

    • Nicotine/ Tobacco

    • Pain Pills or Heroin - Suboxone certified and experience helping 500+ people recover successfully.

    • Alcohol cravings - Naltrexone or Vivitrol provider.


             About  Barbara Hoefener, FNP

Barb has a master of science in nursing from Emory University and holds an ANCC national certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner.  The past 3 years, she has worked in internal medicine. She also volunteers with free clinics, is helping to run the COVID positive shelter, and is the president of LCNPA. Past experience includes the ER, nursing home and working with paralysis in adults and MS, MD, and autism with children.   Learn more.  



Phone: (541) 262 - 6470

Fax: (833) 970-0970

Email: Barb@


1605 Oak St, Eugene OR

Telehealth In The 21st Century.

  • All Forms are online and HIPPA compliant

  • All orders, prescriptions and your care summary sent by end of day.

  • Care summary- reviewing everything we talked about in the visit emailed to you and placed in patient portal by end of day.

  • Prescriptions sent by end of day.

  • Orders for blood work, imaging, referrals sent at end of appointment.

Writing on Computer

Develop a Provider-Patient Relationship


  • High quality patient care

  • Keep your provider each visit

    • Tell your story once.

    • Personalized care.

    • Seeing the same provider each visit is beneficial to catch oddities from your typical normal, that others wouldn't necessary notice.

  • Make medical decisions with your provider, as you are the expert of your own body.

Services Provided

purple flowers


Annual Physical

with Pap if need.

School Physical

Work Physical

-no workers comp



Many meds for chronic headaches. However start with back to basics.

Psychology Session

PTSD/ Depression

Anxiety/ Sleep

Basics with environment, nutrition, exercise. Then appropriate meds.

Elderly Woman at Gym

Older Adults

Medication mgmt

Fall prevention

Cognitive Testing

POLST form

Logo-NP-Red symbol.png

Primary Care

Blood Pressure / A-Fib

COPD / Asthma



Medication Refills

Group Running

Weight Loss

Back to Basics with food nutrition, exercise and appetite control.

Log sugar.



Vit B 12

Depo- Provera


Cat and Dog


Pet letter for apartment

School Note

Work Note

Pile of Pills


Drug addiction

-Suboxone Certified and helped 500+ folks recover.

Alcohol addiction

-Vivitrol (naltrexone)

Tree Branch in the Snow


Freeze off warts or

skin tags / lesions.

Surgical Lights

Preventative Care

Yearly Labs

Annual Medicare 

Cancer screenings

Advance Directives


Smoking Pipe


Strategies and meds to help with quitting for good.

Pile of Pills
Pink Smoke
Blood Pressure Exam
Blood pressure reader
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