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Quest Blood Work/ Labs
In office or your home

Science Lab

Phlebotomy Options to Obtain Bloodwork.

Quest is our primary lab

You have 2 options to obtain labs for your medical visit:

1. Go into one of the many Quest labs locations, make an appoint or walk in, $0 cost to you. 

2. Schedule with phlebotomist- option 4 on phone.

   Phlebotomy Fee:

  • $30 in office - or -

  • $60 in your home (nearby)

**Lab orders go through insurance or office bill**

-Outside Link provided for your convenience in making an "other" appointment for labs.

-Quest is the place for bloodwork, Quest is not part of Digital Clinic.

-All Orders of labs are in your Portal under My Health - reminders.

**Labs ordered should be covered by your insurance. If you have a large bill 2 steps: 1. Get an itemized bill from quest with the diagnosis code and test code used. 2. Call your insurance and get information about why they are/ are not covering. 3. Let Barb know the result.

Blood Test

CASH Price Labs
NO Insurance

You pay the office. Quest bills the office.


CBC -$13- Complete Blood Count

CMP -$10-  Complete Metabolic Panel

         - incl electrolytes, kidney and liver

Lipid Panel -$24-  Total chol, LDL, HDL, Trig

TSH -$16-  Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

T4 -$13-  Active Thyroid in your blood

A1C -$16- Diabetic specific screen

OH25 -$47- Vit D3 specific Screen

B12 -$15- Vit B12 specific Screen

FE -$15- Iron specific screen

TOTAL: $160

OTHER Specific Tests for Add-On

Testosterone $33

PSA $67- Prostate specific antigen- cancer screen

Urine Drug $200** 

FYI- Without enough vitamin D in the blood, the body will pull calcium from the bones. Left untreated, a vitamin D deficiency can lead to osteoporosis. This is a medically relevant test.

Blood Test
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