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About Digital Clinic


Welcome, Digital Clinic with Barbara Hoefener, NP opened 4/2020 to provide Addiction Treatment and Adult Medical Care. 

  • Digital Clinic has a small office with very limited staff.

  • There is a long wait list for medical care, we try to see people within 1 month, to do this we limit our total patient count to less than 300. (A typical hospital system office has 15,000 active patients per provider).  I do this so you can ben see more frequently, to learn your name and story, and to keep you medically stable.

  • Technology and medical charts stay up-to-date and electronically secure.

    • You can text message and leave voicemail on the office's HIPAA secure line.

    • Athena Portal= your medical record

      • A summary of your visit, what prescription, lab or imaging that has been ordered electronically the day of your visit without needing to come to office for paper.

      • Print results to labs & imaging for your own file.

      • Pay your bill, update your insurance card photo, and update demographics without talking with the office.

    • Registration & all forms for medical are are easy with the online fillable form, no printing or changing programs needed. *Computer preferred over phone.

    • Self- schedule on the home page- available 24/7 to create an appointment, reschedule or cancel an appointment without talking with the office.  


Digital Clinic is always welcome to suggestions on how to make this a better medical experience for all involved, if you have a suggestion on how to improve your medical experience, please let us know in your visit or fill out this feedback form or let Barb know at your appointment :)

Thanks for visiting!

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Medical Provider - Barbara Hoefener, FNP

Barb graduated with a Master of Science in Nursing from Emory University in 2016 and holds an ANCC National Certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner. 


Formal Medical Experience includes starting on the ambulance as an EMT in Atlanta working with the top trauma hospital, Grady.  Then became a tech, then RN and then NP in the Emergency Department.  After the ER, Barb had her own patient panel in a small Internal Medicine clinic in Oregon for 3.5 years, then opened this clinic to expand care for folks waiting 6+ months to get an appointment and also to help people wanting to get free from addiction and improve their lives.   

Other Medical and Life experience includes a high school job as an autism specialist to help with language, transitions and other coping mechanisms after school.  High school volunteering included working with all disabilities (MS, MD, DS & Autism) with horses - "hippotherapy."  During high school and college Barb volunteered with The Shephard Center working with adults with sudden paralysis and MS.  College was put on hold for a 1.5yr Massage therapy certification while also working in retail and continuing to volunteer for multiple organizations.  Barb then worked for the school as a clinic director and CPR/First aid and Anatomy & Physiology teacher as well as a neuromuscular massage therapist for 10+ years while in college earning a BS in Exercise Science. After some life transitions Barb went to Emory University, for a BS in Nursing and Masters in Nursing= NP.  Barb continues to volunteer at her favorite free clinic in GA when visiting, started while in NP school and was put in the NP role with supervision to help 200+ refugees of many languages get medical attention.  She also helps the Eugene free clinics, and in 2020 helped run the COVID positive shelter for Lane county and public health with 2 other providers.  Barb is still the presiding president of LCNPA. 

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