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Addiction & Pain

Your journey is different. 

Your timing is different. 

Relapses happen. 

Do NOT compare your life to others.

Each person has their own story.



YOU need to be ready for the change into a new life.  Digital Clinic helps by listening to you without judgement,  and helping you to maintain stability and function. The ultimate goal being to get your life back!

Suboxone (Buprenorphine + Naltrexone)

*If you are on chronic pain pills for pain- this is still addiction as you cannot just stop your pain pills.*

Buprenorphine is a Level 3 opioid/ controlled drug, vs Heroin Level 1 and Oxycodone level 2. Bup does a great job controlling pain as it has a half life of 3 days, so you get less swings, this also means the first week you are on this medication it is different to titrate then you are used to, as it doesn't react in hours but days. Bup is also safer for your brain neurotransmitters & specifically acts on dopamine so you can regulate your emotions and stabilize easier. 

Naltrexone helps all cravings - opioids, alcohol and food.  This will also block certain receptors so if you try heroin, it will not get you high.  It will also help depression/ anxiety/ sleep.  Vivitrol as monthly shot is also available.

Pain medication - Max dose from Digital Clinic is 45MME, or less than 4 Norco or Percocet daily.  

**New Patients are almost always accepted for addiction within a few weeks if not days.

You will need a PCP. After a few visits we can let you know if we have the resources to also take you on as PCP. 

The Program:

  • Start with weekly appointments and graduate to 2 month appointments with stability. Minimum 3 times at that time table before advancing. Any instability drop back to 1 week

  • Urine due prior to each appointment. Make regular appointment at Quest Lab for this.

  • All prescriptions are sent to pharmacy the day of your visit.

  • Appointments are typically telehealth for your convivence. An office visit & lab work is required in the 1st month.

  • Urine screens are at quest labs- I suggest making an appointment.

  • You will generally not be discharged for a "bad" urine, this means you need closer monitoring, so will stay weekly until stability improves

  • ** You cannot be drinking alcohol or on benzos with a narcotic - this is unsafe and against all medical advice, it does not matter if "you have been on this regime for years." **


  • Urine due with each appointment. No alcohol, no benzo.

  • Participate in 2-3 NA group weekly- this is the social piece. (No one plans to relapse)

  • Medication is only for you, do not give it out or loose it. Get a lock-box.

  • Always be honest

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