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"Incredible service, Barb is kind and compassionate, truly a wonderful experience every time I work with her."

"Barbara is absolutely great."

"Barbara plays well with others, has all A's or A++ on her report card, has perfect attendance record, goes beyond bounds to help you ,even if extra time is needed in office, does a good days work for the benefit of your health . If I was the Doctor I'd hire her in a minute...oh wait, the doctor did that , glad to have her on board. Hope she stays, I got a lot of trust in her and I've heard others state it also. I feel better already...see-it works."

"I love Barbara, she helped me control my diabetes... She cares about the whole person, I am thankful for her care."

"I have found Barbara to be a compassionate and will truly listen to her patient problems and work together with patient for the outcome that works for both . I find that she really cares for her patients and will take the time to really hear what they are saying to her even if it takes a little bit longer apt time to Express themselves. I was hesitant about changing providers but I'm very happy with her service and will continue to be a patient"

"Barbara has been so wonderful with my care. I have experienced extreme losses in my family as well as dealing with chronic pain and depression. I don’t know where I would be without her. But I do know I would be in a very dark place. Thank you Barb!!"

"She really helped my uncle quit smoking. She had the best and easiest stop smoking plan that is really working. Thank you!"

"Great personal attention & follow ups. Listens to what is said and really cares about how one feels."

"Barbara is extremely proficient in dealing with the entire body. She's an honest and caring individual that I feel takes my concerns to heart, listening fully to me."

"I'm a retired nurse & once I retired I grew to dislike Dr. or nurse practitioners until now @ age 55 I can't wait for my next visit. Currently I go weekly not because I'm sick but because she has become a light in my life! Having done meth for 32 years, Barb is the best I've seen in the medical field! Keep in mind I've worked in the medical field as a C.N.A. going on to be a first responder then working as a nurse in a remote area of California. Having a sister n law who's brothers are Dr., Barbara goes over & above the Dr. 's that are in my family! Very kind, courteous & knowledgeable! I look forward to every visit! She's made my life worth living again! I had my so change Dr. to her. She's GREAT. Nerve discouraging.

I love u Dr. Hoefener."

"I am not a new patient with Barb. She has taken excellent care of my healthcare needs for many years now. She is kind, conscientious, and always considerate of my personal goals. I've had doctors in the past with (what I call) the God Syndrome. She is the polar opposite of that in how she cares for her patients and practices her profession. She is a friend and ally in supporting my good health and I am grateful (and fortunate!) to have found her." -Susan

"She is really interested in your problems, makes sure you understand, and is not only a medical practitioner but is a nice person."  -Jacquelin

"I'm 100% satisfied with the service I receive for my medical needs. At my age I have seen many people in the medical field. Barb Hoefener is one of the absolute best health care providers out there. She is kind, compassionate, listens, and takes great care of my health needs. I really enjoy the new office with Digital Clinicians."  -Sherry

"I had a wonderful visit and feel like Barb really cared and wants to help me. Also she is very easy to talk to and makes me feel things are going to be ok."  -Elizabeth

"My visit for my physical was very good. Barbara Hoefener is a very competent person. I am grateful for her professionalism."  -Shawn

Barb you are the best provider and FNP that you can be in my opinion. You're helping me so much. I appreciate you more every time I see you!! - Elizabeth

"I totally appreciate my dr. Barbara Hoefener she listens to all my complaints and is very understanding she tries to help me in every way she possibly can and I really do appreciate that cuz I know I can be really hard to deal with especially right now as I'm going through a lot. Thanks Barbara for caring for me."   -Kathie

Dr. Barb is the best! She has been taking care of me for over 5 years now and she is absolutely wonderful! She's kind, caring, extremely knowledgeable and always available to help, even on weekends! She has diagnosed some things on me I never even knew were possible & been 100% correct! There isn't anything that she hasn't been able to help me through & if it's not something she can do she gets you to the right person and extremely promptly! She also follows up on you if she has to refer you to another physician to make sure your being taken care of. Her smile & warmth are so welcoming and I consider myself so blessed to have her by my side for all my health care needs! Thank you Barb for being you & always being there to take care of me!  -Jackie

I highly recommend Barb at Telemedicine. She truly cares about the health of her patients. She is very personable and takes her time going over any health concerns and questions you might have.  -Lemaku

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We truly appreciate every patient and so glad to hear you are happy.

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