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  • Barbara Hoefener NP

Acne - Triggers and Fixes

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Written by Barbara Hoefener, FNP 2/2021

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Quick Reference Guide for Patients: ACNE

-Dairy, sugar, processed and fried food is an acne trigger.

-Get sleep and keep stress controlled.

-Clean pillowcases / towels weekly, use a dedicated face towel/ tissue vs hand dry towel.

Face Routine:

1. Clean - 10% salicylic acid and/or 10% benzol peroxide (Clean & Clear or Neutrogena)

2- Toner/ astringent- Aloe Vera plant, witch hazel or same product line

3. Moisturizer- Clean and Clear/ Neutrogena

4. wash face 2-3 times a day max, do not touch your face.



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