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COVID 19 Vaccine in Lane County, Oregon

Lane County is starting to offer mass vaccination clinics to get each group cared for in a timely manner. Continue to listen for your group.

Lane County Schedule (via Lane County) (via OHA):

  • Current: Phase 1A

Next Phase 1B

  • Group 1: Childcare providers, early learning and K-12 educators and staff (starting 1/25/21)

  • Group 2: People 80 and older (starting 2/8/21)

  • Group 3: People 75 and older (date TBD)

  • Group 4: People 70 and older (date TBD)

  • Group 5: People 65 and older (date TBD)

The Photo Below is the Main Information of who is in which group (from the State of Oregon).


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