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Pain Management

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Written by Barbara Hoefener, FNP 12/2020

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Pain management with MME chart

Welcome to Digital Clinicians. I wanted to make a quick post about pain management.

I am a FNP, family nurse practitioner, with experience in pain and addiction. I understand that many people have pain. I am here to help with your pain and addiction in a reasonable manner. Some people have pain related to a variety of reasons, including spine surgery or accident, some it’s related to PTSD.

I will ask you the cause of your pain and will collect records of imaging and past pain consults to confirm opioids are reasonable. You will need to fill out the pain contract and abide by it, including doing regular and random drug testing.

I will never give you more than 49MME, morphine milliequivalents. I will continue to decrease your dosage, very slowly, as there is no standard of care to continue with opioid pain medications long term.

You cannot be on any other controlled medication at all. This includes Xanax, clonazepam, Adderall or Ambien.

Alcohol Interaction:

Alcohol causes a cytokine storm or Inflammation. It is like a poison in the body, just like cigarettes and sugar

When you drink alcohol you are destroying your body. if you want pain control and you are making it worse by drinking alcohol.

Also, as a side note there are more complications and safety considerations being controlled drugs and alcohol.

All prescriptions require a telemedicine or office visit.

For more information about addiction and suboxone, please read that article. Thanks

I look forward to seeing you – please self-schedule here -

Have a great day!

Calculate what morphine equilivent you are taking based on hour pain medication dosage.
MME Chart per CDC

MME chart per CDC page 2



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