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Welcome to Digital Clinicians  -  Telehealth

I'm Barbara Hoefener, Family Nurse Practitioner

100% Telemedicine / Telehealth visit.​

We will talk about your medical conditions, refill medications, get annual blood work for a wellness check, order preventative screenings, and order imaging or referrals

Accepting new patients: teens through elderly.  Providing you a patient- provider relationship where Barb will give you personalized attention, listen to your concerns and address all questions. You are the expert of your own body and also the final decision maker in your own healthcare.

Get unlimited high quality medical care on your timing. Yearly subscribers have access to Barb via phone, text and/ or video. Self pay has additional discounts for blood work. 

Services offered in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. 

     Coming Soon: Florida, Georgia and California.

Get Started

Self Pay

  • $79 / month for annual subscription.

- or -

  • 1-2 visits for $149, including  review of any tests if ordered.


Accepted: Regence, Aetna, United Healthcare

Pending - OR Medicare, and more.

**Of Note - you are paying for time with me, not a desired treatment or outcome.**

Medical Consult:

  • Acute Care - COVID, infections, rash, flares.

  • Chronic Care - Heart, Lungs, diabetes, thyroid, Dementia, PTSD, sleep

  • Women's & Men's Health

  • Preventative

  • Annual Blood work

  • Obesity

  • Alcohol cessation

  • Tobacco cessation

  • Suboxone - MAT

  • Referrals

  • Imaging

Barbara Hoefener

barb picture in residency.jpg

Barb has a master of science in nursing from Emory University and holds an ANCC national certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner.  Working for the past 3 years in internal medicine. She also volunteers with free clinics, is helping to run the covid positive shelter, and is the president of LCNPA. Past experience includes the ER, nursing home and working with paralysis in adults and MS, MD, and autism with children.   

Blog of Info:



Phone: (541) 262 - 6470

Fax: (541) 293 - 5430



"Barbara plays well with others, has all A's or A++ on her report card, has perfect attendance record, goes beyond bounds to help you ,even if extra time is needed in office, does a good days work for the benefit of your health . If I was the Doctor I'd hire her in a minute...oh wait, the doctor did that , glad to have her on board. Hope she stays, I got a lot of trust in her and I've heard others state it also. I feel better already...see-it works."

"I love Barbara, she helped me control my diabetes... She cares about the whole person, I am thankful for her care."

"I have found Barbara to be a compassionate and will truly listen to her patient problems and work together with patient for the outcome that works for both . I find that she really cares for her patients and will take the time to really hear what they are saying to her even if it takes a little bit longer apt time to Express themselves. I was hesitant about changing providers but I'm very happy with her service and will continue to be a patient"

"Barbara has been so wonderful with my care. I have experienced extreme losses in my family as well as dealing with chronic pain and depression. I don’t know where I would be without her. But I do know I would be in a very dark place. Thank you Barb!!"

"She really helped my uncle quit smoking. She had the best and easiest stop smoking plan that is really working. Thank you!"

"Great personal attention & follow ups. Listens to what is said and really cares about how one feels."

"Barbara is extremely proficient in dealing with the entire body. She's an honest and caring individual that I feel takes my concerns to heart, listening fully to me."

"Incredible service, Barb is kind and compassionate, truly a wonderful experience every time I work with her."

"Barbara is absolutely great."

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