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  • Barbara Hoefener NP

Stretch and Strengthen for Body Balance - Quick Guide

Written & Photos by Barbara Hoefener 8/2016

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Keep your Body in Balance by Strengthening the naturally weak and stretching the naturally strong.

-Outer Thigh & Glutes

-Pec (chest) & Rhomboids (Upper Back)

-Neck & SCM Sternocleidomastoid

-Quads & Hamstring (leg)

-Oblique (side/ core)

-Bicep & Forearm

-Abdomen & Low Back

-Lower leg/ calf

Basic positions anyone can do to Stretch and Strengthen the major muscles of the body for Body Balance with Photo and Description - Click on the PDF below.

(FYI: Photos were taken when I was in my Bachelors of Exercise Physiology

externship, I was planning on publishing a book - never happened...)

Download PDF • 455KB



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