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  • Barbara Hoefener NP

BV vs YEAST vs UTI for Women - Quick Guide

Written by Barbara Hoefener, FNP 11/2021

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Do I Have BV - YEAST - UTI ?


UTI- Bacteria in urinary system (kidney, bladder, urethra)

UTI- Symptoms- Strong and Frequent urge to urinate, Cloudy/ strong smelling urine, pain or burning with urination, abdominal/ back pains, nausea, fever.

TMT- Bactrim BID x 3 days.

BV- Bacteria in Vagina

BV - has a PH more alkaline about 7.0.

BV- symptoms - fishy odor which gets stronger with menstruation and sex, burning with urination, discomfort, itching, thin/ yellow or white or gray or greenish discharge.

TMT- Flagyl - BID x 7 days

Yeast- Yeast in Vagina

Yeast- has a PH similar to natural vagina ph of 4-4.5.

Yeast - symptoms- burning w urination or intercourse, pain, itching, redness/ swelling around vulva, and thick/white/ clumpy discharge

TMT- Fluconazole 150mg 2 pills- 72 hr apart.

Causes for all- UTI, BV, Yeast infections: Douching- Never ever douche! Sudden hormonal changes, intercourse with new partner- make sure to get up and urinate after sex, smoking, antibiotics, tight fitting clothes, non-cotton underware, scented feminine hygiene products, staying in wet swimsuit, high sugar diet, diabetes, poor personal hygiene, dehydration, blocked urine flow. UTIs are most commonly caused when bacteria from rectum enters the urethra.

Testing - PH strip (mucosa of vagina), Self swab (vagina) for BV vs yeast, or urine for UTI.



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