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Breast & Thermal Imaging

Breast Cancer Screening Tool

Thermography can play an important role in breast cancer prevention. 

Breast Thermography has been researched and used since 1950s.  Thermal Imaging can detect changes or an increase in blood flow and branches (increased vascular patterns)/ heat/ inflammation while you are sitting in a cold room and circulation should be minimal. This increased vascularity could be considered problematic, it may take 8-12 years for a tumor to grow to be seen on mammogram or ultrasound or felt, using infrared imaging and detecting temperature changes prior to lump formation is a goal so there may still be time to alter the inflammation.  There is no radiation and is completely painless.  


1 in 8 women in the US may expect to have a cancer diagnosis.

7-9% of cancers occur because of genetics, 91-93% of cancer risk is related to:

- Environment (toxins, pesticide/ herbicide spraying, smoking)

- Diet (bovine growth hormone/ estrogen like substance, non-organic foods)

- Lifestyle (sedentary vs active)

- Hormone balance (estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, cortisol)

- Sleep / Emotions / Stress

*If you make changes - you will be able to see the difference at a later appointment (6-12 months) with less vascular patterns.

*You still need yearly mammogram and ultrasound.  With this new knowledge of where the increased blood flow is located you can help obtain a more accurate ultrasound as it is depends on how the probe is pointed.  Breast cancer can only be diagnosed with a biopsy.  If positive, you have options including: lumpectomy, radiation, chemo and a new player - Cryoablation.

Now - You have come to me because your thermographer recommended you get medical images and/or labs based on the thermal radiologist report of TH1 = "normal" and TH5 = "very abnormal."  These medical images usually being a mammogram and ultrasound will be ordered at your visit and usually your insurance will pay for it. You will get the results in your portal when I get them.


Please fill out the registration and self schedule a "new patient" telehealth visit.  We will try to use your insurance, however my relationship with insurance companies today is mostly in Oregon.

  Please email me any past results and images you already have. Thanks

You already had your Thermography images and need other Medical orders to be covered by insurance?

You are in the right place. ​

Please register online (get started) and also self schedule a New Patient - Telehealth Appointment.

Please also send me your images prior to your appointment.

Locations to get Images

Florida- Fort Lauderdale-  Life Extension Health & Wellness Market

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