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  • Barbara Hoefener NP

Dexcom G6 for Diabetes Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Dexcom G6 for Diabetes Continuous Glucose Monitoring

COVERED BY MEDICARE and some other insurances with Stipulations!!

Checks your Blood sugar every 5 minutes. This helps you realize what food is spiking you!

Items: Sensor and Transmitter for device. Then phone or external device to track sugars

Sensor (or sticker) - you get 3 per month

- works for 10 days, then change it out, not painful.

Transmitter- you get 1, so do not throw this away.

- It transmits the signal from sticker to the phone or external device log.

Steps to Start with Dexcom (or you can come to office and I'll help):

1. Phone – new sensor- enter- new code on the sensor applicator

2. Next alcohol wipe to clean skin

3. Peel off 2 stickers on the applicator, then pop it on skin, break off safety, push button.

4. No pain and can’t feel it.

5. Pop in the transmitter – narrow to wide, hear the clicks

6. Back to phone- click next- click start sensor.

7. Then 2-hour warmup, then readings with no calibrations needed. (vs free-style libre)

8. Look at graph on phone regularly to monitor blood sugar levels.

Sensor Placement

-Abdomen and upper arm – approved by regulators

-Always feel better in area w more fat. Have further away from insulin pump

Least favorite to Best Place for Sensor (per other users on you-tube)

1. Lower Abdomen – doesn’t seem to be as accurate and easy to take off

2. Upper abdomen – can use “skin grab” to help hold. –

3. Chest – favorite for libre not Dexcom b/c adhesive.

4. Back of calf – great in summer- like he can show off – so he can teach others about it to get their sugars normalized. Forgot about it. But would bump against chairs so inner.

5. Inside upper arm- better for libre – more accurate but he could feel it when move arm.

6. When slept on sensor made sensor not accurate

7. Upper thigh- super accurate, adhesive lasted 20 days (even though 10 d good). Minor issue- minor bleeding at insertion. Hairy- so consider shaving. Take down pants slow.

8. BEST- outside upper arm- accurate, comfortable, durable- lasted 20 days. Can show off sensor w short sleeve. Not well protected so easy to knock off also can lay on sensor when sleep.

-Not tested yet, but plans to: love handle, low back, upper buttock, side torso.



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