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Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit
Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Medical Consult:

Virtual Medicine

Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Florida

Internal Medicine

Acute Care​

Chronic Care

Women's Health

Men's Health

Annual Bloodwork

Preventative Screenings



Dementia Screening

Treatment for Opioid/ Heroin Use

Alcohol Use

Tobacco Use

Obesity ​

Office/ In person Visit -  in Eugene, Oregon

Allergy Testing

  • Allergy testing with skin prick 

  • Antigens for food (40) and environment (60)

  • I do suggest you eliminate all dairy x 2 weeks, then go back to your normal, then eliminate all gluten x 2 weeks, prior to testing as these are very common, free, and easy to do.

  • Allergy shots.  They will start weekly, then transition to monthly for maintenance for 3-5 years. (must be 7+years)

  • Sublingual Drops- safe for young kids, and can be self administered at home.

  • $300 on sale- Thanksgiving until Christmas- for all 100 antigens tested. 

Women's Health

  • PAP testing every 3-5 years, or yearly if last PAP was abnormal.

  • BV vs Yeast vs UTI - testing done in office via your self vaginal swab sample and urine.

  • Samples of non-hormonal moisturizers.

Men's Health

  • Testosterone injections, typically every 2 weeks.


  • School or Adult yearly physical

Muscle and Joint Injections

  • Trigger Point Injections for muscle spasms with possible dry needling.

  • Knee or shoulder injections with steroid, Hyaluronic acid with or without PCP- platelet rich plasma.

Hair Loss / Alopecia

  • We will discuss and come up with a care plan, this could include a few medications including Injections of PRP - protein rich plasma for thinning hair 1-3 times, depending on results.

Addiction Medicine

  • Controlled drugs will need a yearly in office visit.

Dementia Screening

  • We will test your loved one for dementia, then review the results with you. 

  • We will also be able to recommend to stop driving and medication to help slow the memory loss.

  • "If you eventually remember, you con't have dementia."

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